September 11th Anniversary

Kylie Flynn and Sharon Kitchens are just two of many Americans who were surprised to see our nation under attack by terrorists. What happened almost two years ago has somehow continued to affect some people today.

"When my fiancé and I were looking at dates, we knew we wanted to get married this month, and we just knew we weren't willing to get married on the 11, I just associate the twin towers and what happened there with that date now," said Kylie Flynn.

Sharon says her son's 14th birthday was on that day, and what was supposed to be a celebration, turned into a nightmare. "I'm going to start crying if I think about it, but it was a sad day, "said Kitchens. "I mean, not to mention it was his birthday, but lots of people lost their lives, and I just, I think it touched everyone."

Four-year-old Christie Clark remembers that day well, as she watched along side her mother. "I guess, I guess I was afraid what would happen I anybody, you know, got hurt or anything," said Clark.

This week, leading up to Thursday, September 11, many of you will be reminded of what you were doing on that day, two years ago.