"CROP Walk"

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Church World Services is lending a helping hand to families who have little or no food to eat. Many residents came out to Tom Brown Park to support the 18TH Annual "CROP Walk.”

Participants not only donated money and canned foods, they walked one to three miles, making strides to change the face of poverty.

Linda Boaccardo, a "CROP Walk" participant, said, "I believe we're struggling at all times and without the funds or the food, and without people donating, it's very hard to get the food out to these people that need it."

A number of those in need are in our local community. Donations from "CROP Walk" go towards several Tallahassee organizations helping those in need, but organizers say donations are slow in coming, so they're turning to the event to raise funds.

Roxi Beardall, one of the organizers of the event, said, "We have been able to recruit over 30 organizations and congregations to help with CROP Walk and hopefully if we keep doing it collectively throughout the year that will be a better impact and help more."

The goal of the walk is to raise $18,000 and get as many residents involved as possible.

Ben Hood, a participant, said, "I brought donations and money. It's little, but every little bit counts. As a kid you save your pennies and you buy a GI Joe, but we can actually change people's lives with our pennies."

They are pennies that can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Volunteers with this year's "CROP Walk" say there was a good turnout this year.