Political Ads Overload

By Kate Gaier
5:15 pm November 6, 2006

With election day just around the corner candidates are hitting the campaign trail harder than ever, not to mention overloading televisions with hundreds of political commercials.

David Jones said he's fed up with the ads.

"You're going to vote for who you're going to vote for anyways, so it doesn't really matter. All the TV ads are just getting aggravating. I like to see the Aflac duck."

Remember the days when car commercials blared from the television set, overloaded with all the political ads on TV? If you're feeling a little too close to your politicians, well, you're not alone.

James Maddox is also sick of the ads.

"I hate them. When they're gone I'll be so happy. They're just driving me up the wall."

Some residents say the mud slinging is too much, and it's not swaying their vote, just causing them to change the channel.

“For the past probably three weeks it has been really full with the commercials and stuff," said Teresa Hill.

But not everyone is tuning the political ads out.

Preston Clayton said, "We need them. We need to know about the candidates that are running, who is qualified for the job, and I think they help us out with them."

Like them or leave them, political ads are on their last leg.