Jail Complete With a Safety Bonus

By Ben Wolf
Monday, November 6, 2006

It was supposed to take 16 months, but the more than $6 million project only took 14, and there 's even more good news about the new Lowndes County Jail.

"They came under budget on the project to start with on the first phase which allowed them some funding to go ahead and start on that second phase on that back wall corridor and make it easier on the long run," said CAPT J.D. Yeager.

Originally the corridor was supposed to be a walkway covered by aluminum with chain link fences separating inmates from the outside. This brought up two problems for the sheriff's officials. One is easy access for people to pass contraband through the fence. Two is when they would eventually tear down the fence and build a corridor like the one existing now, they would have to temporarily transport inmates through the parking lot.

"That is a recipe for disaster. First of all, we won't have any control over contraband coming in and out of here. People will be meeting up with them out here in the parking lot," said CAPT Dwight Peete.

A new state of the art kitchen, improved holding cells and a better medical facility highlight the new jail.

"We are decreasing out liability tremendously in several areas," said Yeager.

A safer jail means a better jail, no matter which side of the bars you're on. The new kitchen will serve more than 2,100 meals per day at the jail.