Sex Offender Allegedly Violates House Arrest

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Quinikiya Thomas is a registered sex offender charged with lewd or lascivious conduct on a child under the age of 16.

The prosecutor says it is very rare for a sex offender to violate probation and not get thrown in jail.

Court documents show the sex offender is on home arrest due to a medical condition. Attorneys indicate she is pregnant. Prosecutor Katherine Ray has just been handed cases in Wakulla County. She's checking into the current charges against Quinikiya Thomas.

A registered sex offender, Thomas pleaded no contest to lewd and lascivious on a minor. The court clerk says a judge sentenced her to four years of probation and she carries a tracking device, a device that hasn't always kept up with Thomas.

Katherine Ray, Assistant State Attorney, said, "They don't know where she is because of going out of range with the box from 6:15 in the morning."

The prosecutor says there are over a dozen allegations that Thomas's tracking device either malfunctioned or that Thomas did not respond to her probation officer.

Katherine Ray said, "As I said, there was an original violation and there have been two addendums to that, so now the total number of allegations that she violated her community control are at 15."

We called the Department of Corrections, which says it is checking into the case. We went by Thomas's Wakulla County residence and were told Thomas was not home. Friends and neighbors tell us Thomas is expecting to deliver her baby sometime in November or December.