Grand Jury Clears Officer in Deadly Shooting

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It took nearly two hours of deliberating to clear Tallahassee Police Officer Richard Pulido.

On August 18 Pulido opened fire, killing 25-year-old Nabel Bashimam.

"They did find that the officer was justified in his use of deadly force and there was a no true bill, which is what it’s called, no indictment," said Chief Assistant State Attorney Robin Lotane.

The grand jury report says it all began when Pulido ran Bashimam's tags and discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest in Colorado.

Police there say he failed to show up for a court appearance two weeks earlier.

Monday’s report says when Tallahassee Police tried to make an arrest, the suspect pulled away, tried to run and even grabbed the barrel of the officer's gun.

An autopsy shows he also had cocaine and alcohol in his system.

"He was afraid Bashimam was going to take the gun from the officer and as training kicked in, that's when the shots came after that. He feared for his life, the grand jury saw that, recognized that," said Tallahassee Police Spokesman John Newland.

Fighting back tears Monday was Bashimam's girlfriend, Melissa Dixon, who was in the truck when Pulido pulled the trigger. "This was wrong and it's not fair and we're not going to let it go unpunished," she said.

Isam Bashimam is outraged police shot his son in the chest.

He said, "There's a tire to be shot, a leg to be shot and I'll tell you what the officer is a good shot because he put three bullets here, one next to the other."

While this is the end of the criminal investigation, the family says this is just the beginning in their search for justice. This is the third officer involved in a shooting this year. In each of them, a grand jury has found the use of deadly force to be justified.