Residents Speaking Out Against Pit Bull Ownership

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Benson Castaline recalled the day he was viciously attacked by a pit bull, a horrifying encounter he shared with an animal shelter advisory board.

It’s been nearly more than five months and Castaline still bears visible scars on his body.

"We're trying to make a safer community for everybody. That's all I can say. Everybody has to be aware of all these pit bulls," said Castaline.

Kim Scott, a pit bull owner, disagreed with Castaline. Scott acknowledged the fact attacks occur, but said it’s a lack of responsibility on the owner's behalf. Scott then added pet owners should be held accountable for the action of their pets.

"If the owner cannot be responsible then the dog needs to be removed and evaluated. Then a decision from a trained professional evaluator what the best situation should be for the dog," said Scott.

Castaline is hoping lawmakers revisit a statute preventing regulations towards specific dog breeds. He wants a law similar to the one in Dade County requiring pit bull owners to have a $1 million insurance policy implemented in Leon County.