International Literacy Day in Tallahassee

Studies show 44 million adult Americans are functionally illiterate, meaning they can't perform basic tasks such as reading a grocery list or filling out a job application.

Reading iswhat many of us rely on to get through the day, but according to the National Adult Literacy Survey, one in five Americans are functionally illiterate, a statistic local literacy volunteers say is mirrored in our community. Missner says the pride factor keeps many people from taking advantage of one-on-one tutoring. However, once children enter the picture, attitudes tend to change.

Joe Torgesen, director of the Florida Center for Reading Research, anticipates a drop in illiteracy numbers by focusing on grades K-3.

If you are, or know of someone in need of free tutoring, call the Literacy Volunteers of Leon County at 487-4444. The center is housed at the Leon County Public Library.

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