Reaction on Half Cent Sales Tax

Leon County Administrator Parwez Alam said it is clear the public was not ready when asked about his reaction to the failure of the Half Cent Sales Tax Referendum.

He added, "It's of the county commission's priorities. We gave it our best shot. I think we have at least raised the community dialogue and I hope the dialogue will continue."

Sixty percent of Leon County voters voted against the tax on Tuesday.

Rabbi Jack Romberg, Co-Chair of the Tallahassee Equality Action Ministries, which worked to push the tax, said, "Clearly we're disappointed that it went down because we feel there is such a pressing need in the community to address the needs of the working poor who are uninsured, but on the other hand, this was an issue six months ago that was on nobody's radar."

Romberg says he was pleased the Tallahassee Chamber approached him about working together to address the indigent healthcare issue in Leon County. The Chamber did not support the tax or plan.

Randy Hanna, Chairman of the Chamber, said, "What we'll do, we'll sit down with the Rabbi, we'll sit down with the incoming chairman, with the Board of County Commissioners, and we'll try to work towards a plan that meets the needs of this community."

Hanna says they will be talking with TEAM as soon as Wednesday to start hammering out a new plan.