Yes to Alcohol Sales on Sundays

Roxanna Haynes
November 8, 2006

One try is all it took.

The first Sunday alcohol sales referendum in Lowndes County and the city of Valdosta passed. Businesses in the area can now obtain permits to sell alcohol on Sundays.

It was a day of celebration for some local residents.

Mecca Butler, a Valdosta voter, said, "It makes me feel great. I'm glad we voted yes to alcohol sales."

Election officials say that they had a record turnout of younger voters and they believe it was because of the alcohol referendum.

Butler added, "There's a lot of football on Sundays and everybody wants to drink beer, so yay!"

But not everyone feels this is a good idea.

Cedric Bauknight, a Lowndes County resident, said, "Just take a day off and relax. Just be alcohol-less on Sundays and get ready for work on Monday."

Local businesses owners feel like the new referendum will not only help them, but it'll also help the local economy.

John Wilson, Hooters area supervisor, shared, "It gives local dollars to spend on local advertising, helps us give increases to our employees."

This ordinance can apply to businesses that derive at least 50 percent of profit from food or room rentals. It does not apply to convenience stores or grocery stores.

City officials say that issuing these new permits could take weeks, but in the meantime, Butler said, "We will definitely be taking advantage of this. We will be at every restaurant on Sunday."

You can find the people who voted yes to alcohol sales celebrating.

The referendum passed with 57.7 percent voting yes in Valdosta and 53.8 percent of voters for the Sunday sale of alcohol in Lowndes County.