Hope Scholarship Running Out

Ken Coram has been attending nursing school at Southwest Georgia Technical College for two years with plenty of help.

"I can tell you right now that if it had not been for the Hope Scholarship, I would not be in school right now," says Ken.

But in the next few years, state officials estimate the Georgia lottery funds could dwindle by more than $50 million, pulling funding out from under the Hope.

"Financial Aid Employees estimate that 90 percent of students here are on the Hope Scholarship."

Recipients say if the Hope goes away, they can kiss their bright futures goodbye.

"I'm a single parent and it just takes everything I can get, scrape and beg for to stay in school."

"It's going to affect a lot of people and it's going to affect me, because I'm going back for my Associate's Degree," says Laura Jackson.

Scholarship recipients say now all they can do is hope that their funding stays with them. Students and staff say keep buying those lottery tickets, and hopefully scholarship funds won't fall short.