Jackie Pons Sweeping Victory

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It's a day of celebration for Jackie Pons after a sweeping victory over Rosemary Palmer and Patricia Sunday for Leon County School Superintendent.

"I am excited, I got up this morning, and came out to Deerlake and spent some time with students and faculty, and just shared some of the good feelings with them, it's an exciting day for me and my family", said Jackie Pons, Leon County School Superintendent Elect.

Equally excited are the teachers at Deerlake Middle school.

"I just think great things are on the forefront for Leon County, teachers, Leon County students and the school system in general, I am really excited for this win", said Victoria Cammarata, Deerlake Middle School teacher.

Pons has been the principal at Deerlake for more than eight years, faculty and students are calling this day bittersweet.

"I am really proud of him, but I am gonna miss seeing him in the halls and seeing him smile and everything", said Reggie Mitchell.

Pons said he'll be sad to go, but is looking forward to carrying out some specific plans he has as the new superintendent.

"The first thing I am going to do is do a full evaluation, and try and start working with school board members and looking at all the different needs in the district, to try and learn as much as I can in a short period of time", said Pons.

A few things on Pons's agenda: raise high school graduation rates and bring back 7 period school days.

Jackie Pons will be sworn in at the November 21st Leon County school board meeting, he will start as superintendent the following day.