Haiti Food Drive

By Kate Gaier
6:00 pm November 8, 2006

Ann and Melvin Horne have been working with "Kids Against Hunger" since March of 2005. In that time they've helped to feed thousands of starving children around the world.

"Our first shipment was 140,000 meals, which was a full truckload to the victims of the tsunami in Asia," commented Melvin Horne.

Their latest project is to get three pallets of food to Haiti every month. The boxes are the first shipment to make the journey. Their contents are hope for thousands of hungry children.

Each box is made up of 36 packets, and each packet can feed up to six people.

Going back to March 2005, Melvin said, "When we first started this Ann and I opened a package and cooked it. Lord, it took us three days to eat this package of food, so there's a lot of food in this package."

Each packet costs less than two dollars to produce. Volunteers say a few cents here makes the world of difference to a malnourished body.

Ann Horne commented on the project, "It's overwhelming to be a part of something this big. I mean, there are no words to describe what it does for the young people."

Jennifer Donalson, a volunteer, added, "I feel that this is a great organization and I got my daughter involved because I wanted her to see the importance of helping others."

These gracious volunteers are learning a valuable lesson while feeding the world. The shipment to Haiti will produce more than 21,000 meals.