Changes Coming to the Capital City

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With campaign signs coming down, for sale signs are go up, a sure indication Tallahassee's housing market is changing.

"It's been my experience that whenever there is a change in administration we do see an improvement in the housing market. We see the new administration hiring their people and that always causes houses to sell, people relocating as well as new buyers coming in the market looking for new homes," said real estate broker Chip Hartung.

Political consultants expect many staff members who worked under Gov. Bush to leave.

Already the governor has asked agency heads and senior staff members to turn in their resignations. That may mean several employment opportunities will open up.

"New administration coming into this community not only for the transition teams coming in, but individuals relocating with the new administration," said Due Dick, President of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

While a change in party affiliation would have meant a more drastic change on the housing and job front, there's still enough change to make for a new landscape in Tallahassee.

Governor-elect Charlie Crist has already put together a transition team to work on the new administration. The team will be headed by Bob Martinez, a former Miami U.S. attorney.