School Safety and Discipline

Rocky Hanna knows what it takes to keep students safe. He monitors the halls at Leon High School making sure over 1,800 students are staying on task.

Hanna has spent four years keeping the peace at Leon High. As assistant principal, he knows sometimes these teenagers need a little tough love.

"You're constantly putting out fires between students or parents having problems with teachers," Rocky says.

The problems these administrators at Leon County are trying to tackle. That's why they're meeting to review rules and regulations.

"These guys discipline, it's something we have to deal with in our schools," says Dr. Ruth Hobbs.

Reasons for expulsion include school fights or bringing weapons to school. Last year those cases were few and far between. The reason, Hanna says, is their new expulsion review, giving students a second chance at redemption.

The expulsion review in Leon County schools offers some leniency. Hanna says it decides whether a student should be transferred to another school, put on probation or expelled.