College Enrollment Up in Georgia

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Roxanna Haynes
November 8, 2006

At Valdosta State University students don't seem to mind sharing the sidewalks and classrooms with more students than ever before.

Carol Davidson, a VSU student, said, "I think it's great. I think we need to have more people, no matter what their age in college, because technology is growing so rapidly."

And the growth is not just at these four-year institutions.

"The biggest increase in population we’ve seen at schools that offer two-year degrees like Valdosta Tech, and people here say it's because of the skills they quickly learn."

Chris Horne, a Val Tech student, said, "We can go through the program and be ready for the workforce a lot sooner, and more efficient."

This large enrollment is forcing administrators to make room.

Tina Anderson, Val Tech President, said, "The parking lots are full. We're expanding, building new buildings."

Lousi Levy, VSU VP of Academic Affairs, said, "Adding faculty, add buildings, adding new programs all to center around this increases access to higher educations."

There are over 10,000 students at VSU right now, which sometimes makes getting there a little though.

Carol Davidson added, "In order to get a parking spot I come at 7 in the morning. My first class isn't until 11 o'clock.

But everyone we spoke with agrees it's worth it in order to have a more educated Georgia.

The Florida State University system says their enrollment is also at an all-time high. With a 2.6 percent increase from last year.