Local Hospital's Economic Impact

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Roxanna Haynes
November 8, 2006

A report just released by the Georgia Hospital Association shows how important local hospitals are to the economy. The report shows that South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta generates about $419 million a year to the local economy.

Hospital officials say they're committed to keeping up with Valdosta's growing population and providing service 365 days a year.

James McGahee, CEO of SGMC, said, "We do employee a lot of people. These people are generally highly educated and therefore highly compensated and they are able to have a good economic impact on out community."

Jack Edwards, a longtime SGMC employee, added, "When I first arrived here it was Pineview General, just over 150 beds from that you see what we have now. We're growing continually through the years to become a premier medical center."

Archbold Hospital in Thomasville says they generate about $407 million a year to the area's economy.