Tallahassee Veterans Day Parade

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Leon County continued the tradition of honoring area veterans with a parade through downtown. In the shadows of Florida's Capitol building, thousands watched as the men and women who served their country marched as they have every year since World War II.

Bill Thurston, a Coast Guard veteran, said, "It gives us the society we have, the nation we have. It's only through the sacrifice, the years, the many wars that has kept us in the position to do what we do in the world."

This year's parade also honored the memory of 20-year-old Lance Corporal Daniel Chaires, the Tallahassee Marine killed in Iraq last month. His family led a procession of veterans past and present.

Bill Guhl, a Navy veteran, said, "Be proud of the fellas and women that served. We're nothing special, we do what we're called to do and that's what's made this country great."

More than 60 organizations marched through downtown, including the young men and women who will one day serve as the veterans who marched before them have.

Kenneth Richards, an Army and Vietnam veteran, said, "My hope for them is they don't have to go through what we have been through. Maybe the world can come together and live peacefully, that is my prayer."

Sgt. Maj Jarvis Rosier with the Army is getting ready to head back to Afghanistan. He said he was honored to be surrounded by so many vets and is asking the community for the continued support of American troops.

He said, "No matter what your thoughts are on the war, just continue to support the troops, because we need it very much."

This is the third year in a row the Leon County Board of Commissioners has sponsored the Veterans Day Parade.