Local Veterans Speak Out on the War in Iraq

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World War II veteran Ralph McGuffey says he is living the good life surrounded by a host of family members on this Veterans Day weekend, but his heart goes out to those troops who aren't with family right now.

"We need to do some more. We didn't finish the job. We started it, but we haven't finished it yet. I'm hoping we will finish it," said McGuffey.

"I think war is a terrible thing. It is a permanent solution to a short-term problem. You lose lives and you never really make that up, and it changes the history of a lot of families," said Vietnam War veteran Dan Simpler.

Another Vietnam War vet, David Jimenez, shares his thoughts on the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

"I think it was a good thing. If he can't listen to the military leaders who actually have boots on the ground and know what's going on, there is definitely a problem," said Jimenez.

Korean War veteran Jack Madden hopes the conflict in the Middle East will one day be resolved.

"Having been a Marine Corp member, I know what grief it can be on families. I hope they find the solution that will take care of everybody concerned," said Madden.

Only counting the month of November, the U.S. military death toll has reached 25.