No Assistance for Local Tornado Victims?


An outcry is unheard from tornado victims still waiting for assistance. A home is without a roof and damage after damage is seen for blocks. Two weeks later Apalachicola residents are struggling to recover from a tornado that ripped through their neighborhood.

Louis McCaskill, a tornado victim, said, "That's a pitiful situation. Some don't have insurance and they have no way of getting their houses repaired. It's getting cold and we need some help."

It’s help that they say they are not getting. Residents in District 3 say they are being told that FEMA will not come because the damage is not worth at least $17 million.

John Croom, a tornado victim, said, "Nobody's paying us any attention. Nobody seems to care about us. Nobody even offered or came down. The city came down and said that they were going to apply."

Yvonne Tolliver added, "Insurance is being dropped all over this town for homeowners that had insurance for years. My husband had homeowner’s insurance. Our content insurance is being dropped."

The tornado hit October 27, running through Avenue G. About 100 homes and buildings were ruined.

Arnold Tolliver added, "I lost two chimneys, all my electricity, my roof, back porch, bathroom wall all have to be replaced."

Residents say they will not give up. They will continue their fight and wait.