Horseback Patrols in Leon County

Deputies on horseback are staples at football games and parades, but soon they may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Leon County is beginning to send its horses into more and more neighborhoods instead of its squad cars.

Doc, Red and Traveler are trotting down Garlfield Street.

Neighbors are doing double takes and coming out to the curb.

"I thought it was a little unusual to see horses on the south side," said Janelle Baker. "But I came out, stopped and wanted to see and pet the horses."

Leon County is sending deputies on horseback into more and more neighborhoods, some of them on a weekly basis, as a way to deter petty crimes and get to know the neighbors.

"They're just surprised," said LCSO Sergeant Deborah Hertz. "They can't believe that a horse is actually in their neighborhood. They're very glad we're there. They will come out and pet the horse and want to know what our duties are."

"We can see a lot of things that you normally can't see from this high elevation plus. If we can see people, people can see us and if they know we're here then hopefully it will stop some of the problems that could happen," said LCSO Spokesman Chris Chase.

"I wish you all could have been here two weeks ago," said neighbor Patricia Keaton. "My home was burglarized twice in two weeks and maybe they could have caught the guys who broke in my house. I think it's a good thing."

So the next time you go to check the mail, don’t be surprised if you see Doc, Red and Traveler and those men and women in green in the saddle.

And, if the four legged sergeants leave their calling cards, there is a clean up crew dispatched to scoop it up.