The Good Old Days Are Back

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Music set the mood, the smell of fried seafood filled the air. It's "Old South Day" in Ochlocknee, Georgia.

The celebration paid tribute to the area's history, highlighting how things used to be back in the good old days.

"Feels real good to see all the people turn out, it's a great community thing", said Joey Hires, who participated in the parade.

It’s a community thing that's become a yearly event and a great excuse to enjoy delicious dishes.

"My baby just got some chicken wings and fries, and I just got a gyro and smoothie," said Nan Brown, who loved the food.

While the great food is one of the main attractions, folks said they came out to "Old South Day" to enjoy the festivities with their families.

"It's a tradition, all our family, we come every year. This year is actually my daughter's first year, it's real fun," said Heather Brown, who attends the event every year.

“See different things, it's an adventure really, eat different foods, get on different rides and drink different maybe a Budweiser," said Brown.

And that's why many folks have made "Old South Day" a tradition coming back every year.

"I never get tired of it, it gets better and better every year as you get older," said JC Rogers, who comes every year.

"Old South Day" offered a little something for everyone; kiddie rides, fresh fruit, and beautiful arts and crafts the perfect ingredients for a day in history.

Organizers have been paying homage to the old ways for 29 years.