Construction in Killearn Lakes

Construction is on the rise in Tallahassee's Killearn Lakes, despite concerns in the past month over storm water and septic problems. Some current homeowners think builders are moving fast to avoid a possible county moratorium on construction there.

It's easy to find new houses under construction in Killearn Lakes. That's even though Leon County has issued no new building permits in Killearn Lakes since massive complaints began a month ago. Builders who've already gotten permits are moving ahead, some pretty quickly.

Paul Folmer moved into his new house in January. He's already having problems with the pitch of his property.

At the Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association, executive director Brad Trotman says building applications have picked up. Bulldozers are rolling, and Trotman says builders are hurrying to clear lots even though some residents have begged county commissioners to put a halt to new houses.

Jim Marsh has lived in Killearn Lakes since 1986. Three lots on his street have just been cleared. New houses with septic tanks could mean more problems with storm water and maybe fewer people who would vote to pay up for an eventual sewer system, but if the county halts all construction, it could eventually have to buy all undeveloped property, and the county, like the builders, doesn't want to get stuck with useless lots.

One builder who recently cleared a lot agrees the only solution is a sewer system, but says the problem in Killearn Lakes is so big that a few dozen new homes won't make a difference.

Most people seem to agree a sewer system is the way to go. The big question now, how much public money might be spent to fix the problem, and how much residents might have to pitch in.