Fans React to Bowden's Resignation

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By: Trenton Davis

A discouraging five and five record, a non-existing offensive threat and on the heels of what even the head coach said was the team's worst loss in a quarter century. For fans, Jeff Bowden's resignation turns the season's jeers to cheers.

"I'm just very pleased with it. I think that Florida State has been underachieving all year, so I think it was time. It’s going to put a lot of pressure off Bobby Bowden and hopefully they get a good offensive coordinator," said Jake Bedell, an FSU football fan.

"I don't have anything against the guy. I think it was time for him to retire and now it’s up to Florida State to make a good effort to bring up the season," added another FSU fan, Jeff Harris.

Others were bewildered to find out Jeff Bowden stepped down. They began flooding the Internet and talk shows trying to sort fiction from fact.

"Suddenly people are unexpected and caught off guard to some degree, which seems strange, but that was the initial reaction. Nom that's not true, is it? Did it really happen? I'm hearing a rumor that's he's resigning and you confirm it and say, yeah, he's walking away," commented Jeff Cameron, host of the Jeff Cameron Show on 1270AM.

He’s walking away from an offense once ranked number one in the nation and produced Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke one season before Jeff Bowden took over as coordinator.

The Seminoles offense is now ranked 65th in the country and the team struggling for bowl eligibility.

"Obviously it’s a huge thing for the program. The offensive coordinator for, I guess the last six seasons now, is stepping down. But the program has continued to regress offensively for years now. It’s starting to hurt recruiting. The fan base is up in arms. I think it was the right decision to move," said Gene Williams of

Countless fans were complaining the team has lost its prestige and that Bowden's resignation is needed.