MLK Highway

The quaint town known for its antique shopping and southern hospitality has gone one step further to greet visitors. This time it's unveiling a new chapter in history.

"I've lived here 42 years, I've seen great things but this is the greatest and I'm sure Dr. King is smiling as I am smiling," said Vernell Ross, Havana mayor pro-term.

Ross is all smiles because a sign memorializing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be seen by all Havana visitors. What started with a dream has now become reality in Havana, Florida.

Henry McGill, Havana citizen said, "Most towns have a Martin Luther King designation off the highway- but everyone who rides through town will be riding on Martin Luther King Highway."

The four-year-old project to designated a part of State Highway 27 after Dr. King was a tough task. With many hurdles, one's this community overcame with help from local legislators.

"I think it speaks volumes, how one community came together. We did our part to get legislature to agree to what the community said it wanted," said State Representative Curtis Richardson.

It wanted to transcend the racial confines in America, something Dr. King only dreamed of.

"Without white and black helping it wouldn't have been possible," said Michael Simmons a Havana native.

Signs for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway will be posted along Havana's City limits this Monday, September 15.