Bodies of Two Children Found


The bodies of two children missing since their boat sank on a lake over the weekend near Eustis have been found.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the bodies of eight-year-old Eric and two-year-old Katelyn Singleton were found floating on Lake Yale early this morning by search-and-rescue crews.

FWC Officer Kat Kelley says there are no signs that would indicate it was anything other than a drowning. Autopsies are set for later this week.

The FWC says mechanical problems caused the boat to sink in the lake on Sunday evening.

The parents, Eric and Michelle Singleton, and their three-month-old daughter survived and were able to swim to shore. FWC says the girl's parents put a life jacket on her when the boat began taking on water, but that it must have slipped off.

Neither child was found wearing a life vest.