Tallahassee Mayor and Commissioners Sworn In

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks and City Commissioners Debbie Lightsey and Allan Katz took the oath of office on Wednesday night, signing on for another four years of serving Florida's capital city.

Commissioners reflected on some of the decisions they've made that have transformed Tallahassee's skyline.

Commissioner Debbie Lightsey, now on her fifth term, said, "I think you can see the investment downtown, Gaines Street, Cascades Park. The community is in good shape financially, we are more and more vibrant."

But now, they're looking towards future decisions. Affordable housing, a Performing Arts facility, and a Convention hotel are expected to appear on agendas to come. The big decision, that's attracted some of the most attention, the city's 20 year energy plan.

Commissioners said they will make a decision by the first of next year.

Commissioner Allan Katz said, "I think we've figured out we can do this without having to go where we thought we'd have to go a year and a half ago when we didn't have any other choice and I think that's very good." Some of the options on the table include the Taylor Energy Center, building a coal gasification plant in Tallahassee and renewable energy, like biomass.

An exact date for that decision has not been set. Tallahassee Mayor John Marks also announcing the city will soon implement the 10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.

The three primary goals of the plan: developing affordable housing, intervention, which includes rental and eviction assistance and a community awareness campaign.