UDPATE: Valdosta Police Arrest, Charge Boyfriend with Tammy Smith's Murder

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For Willie Williams, a neighbor and close friend of murder victim Tammy Smith, the arrest of Smith's long-time boyfriend, Richard Morrison, brings some relief.

"I'm glad they caught the person who did the killing because like I said it was a senseless killing because Tammy was a very nice person," said Willie Williams. "And I loved her and I am very sorry that she's gone."

A cyclist found Smith's body in a ditch on the 1000 block of Cypress Street Saturday morning and called 911.

Police, who initially thought Smith could have been a hit and run victim, soon realized she had been assaulted.

Now, new details are emerging about her death.

"It appears that the murder did not occur at that location," said Commander Eugene Bell of the Valdosta Police Department. "The body was placed there on the side of the road."

Investigators say Smith's body had visible signs of trauma and that a weapon was recovered at the scene.

Her immediate family members, who say they are too upset to talk on camera, are flooded with disbelief by the latest developments.

"Very shocking," said Tarra Keely, the victim's niece. "Very shocking. Why? It don't make sense."

And police are asking the same question, why did Morrison murder Tammy Smith? They have yet to determine a motive.

But neighbors like Pearlie Butler say they don't care about motive, they just want the person responsible to pay.

"Who should ever did this should be sentenced to the fullness they can get," said Smith. "It's just sad for someone to do the young lady like that."

Morrison is currently behind bars and awaits his bond hearing.

Investigators are still waiting for Smith's autopsy results.

Commander Eugene Bell with the Valdosta Police Department says Richard Morrison, 48, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his long-time girlfriend, Tammy Smith, 45.

Smith's body was found in a ditch Saturday morning in the 1000 block of Cypress Street by a cyclist, less than a quarter mile from her home.

Police tell WCTV, Smith's body was dumped in the ditch and the murder occurred at a different location. Police say Smith had been dead several hours by the time police arrived.

While Morrison is the only suspect in this case, police have yet to determine a motive.

Smith's body was transported to Atlanta for an autopsy and police expect to have those results in by this evening.

Investigators did say Smith's body did have signs of trauma.

We will have more on this story at 6 o' clock.

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