Medical Treatment for Jefferson County Inmates

The high cost of caring for inmates in Jefferson County has put a damper on the county's budget.

"We are in a financial bind and we have been looking and the sheriff had asked us to get another way to provide health care for our inmates were having a little with Archbold in Georgia."

Commissioners say inmates were transported to Georgia and Tallahassee for medical services, and they wanted to find a facility in the area that could treat the inmates without jeopardizing the safety of the officers.

"At one time the sheriff had to take the inmates to Tallahassee for dental services so there is a question of security when you have to transport an inmate for 30 minutes so I think this is a win-win for county government."

Though safety is a major concern, officials say in light of the county's current budget crisis it's important all of the departments to pull together to make a difference.

"It means the county is trying to work together in keeping our expenses in our county. I think it's a big help the other side of it is finances."

The health department will screen inmates on Fridays, but in an emergency doctors will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. County commissioners say they won't know how much money they've saved until the end of the year, but they estimate it should save them thousands.