GEMA Recognizes Brooks County

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Roxanna Haynes
November 16, 2006

In a matter of seconds schools can find themselves is a disastrous situation.

Tonja Healy with Brooks County School Improvement, said, "With the rash of incidents we have seen in other parts of the United States we have to be aware that this can happen to us."

It is why some Brooks County school officials came up with a comprehensive response plan.

Supt. Debra Folsom said, "Our job is not only to educate children, but to ensure the safety for all."

This plans includes detailed ways to respond to fires, dangerous weather and intruders, and was recently certified by GEMA.

Healey added, "I think that's why we were certified is because we worked very closely and we put a lot into out plan and a lot of thought."

Brooks County school administrators spent several hundred hours putting together the school’s safety plan, and it's not even finished. They say it will continuously be updated.

Charles Perry, the athletic director, added, "When your kids are with us we're going to take care of them just like they were ours.."

So as your students focus on their studies you can feel comfortable that their safety is always a concern. Brooks County school officials say they also worked closely with GEMA when developing this plan.