Fanatics Line Up Early for PlayStation 3

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Best Buy was the latest campsite for customers hoping to be the first through the automatic doors to purchase the holiday season's hottest commodity.

"You see this long line behind me? Every year there seems there's a hot new toy and this year it’s going to be the PS3," said Ryan Warshaw, the Services Manager at Best Buy.

"It was hyped up and all the excitement got to us and we were like we got to get out there," added Randy Esponda, the third person in line.

Tents began rising Tuesday, three days before the November 17 release date. Campers patiently awaited a crack at entrepreneurship.

"I'm going to be tempted to open it ‘cause you heard a lot of hype about it lately. I'm going to go home and think about it but it will probably end up on eBay," said Joe Dusec the first person in line.

"We're hoping to buy some PS3s and then sell them on line for our own profit," mentioned Alexander Choi, who wants to sell his PS3.

Line-mates identified each other by numbers and managed to keep order amongst themselves.

These gaming fanatics remained inside tents eating pizza and watching movies. Best Buy handed out vouchers to at least the first 26 people in line. Sony provided stores with a limited amount of PS3 game consoles for sale.

The PS3 has been available in Japan since Saturday.