Downtown Redevelopment

Millions of dollars in tax money hang in the balance as city and county leaders met in Tallahassee Monday afternoon to debate downtown development.

The city wants to use some property tax revenues to turn downtown Tallahassee into an 18-hour destination.

Leon County officials are putting up a fight.

At his sandwich shop on College Avenue, Eddie Agramonte is excited about a plan to build up downtown Tallahassee.

Eddie Agramonte, the owner of Gordo's said, "Oh, I think that's fabulous. We need to get more improvements downtown. We need more things downtown. This could be a very upbeat, thriving downtown."

The plan is as downtown's buildings increase in value, the increase in property taxes goes into a special fund earmarked for downtown development.

Tony Grippa, the Chair of Leon County Commission, said, "The fact is that downtown is not blighted. This is an effort to take $80 million from the hardworking men and women of Leon County."

Many downtown business owners are ready for a change, but the county plans to sue if the city goes forward, so this downtown deal could end up in court.