Service Group to Provide Student Screenings

For the next six weeks, members of the Valdosta Junior Service League will be screening more than 3,500 3rd and 6th graders for their vision and hearing.

"If you don't detect the problem there could be so much they are not learning or hearing in school, so it's very important for their education," says Brandi Makey, co-chair of school hearing and vision.

Virgil Whithead is an example of early detection. During Tuesday's screening, he admitted he was having trouble seeing the board.

"She was calling out letters that you have to see, at the board sometimes, I can't see that letter, but today she kind of helped me," says Virgil Whitehead, a 6th grader.

Once diagnosed with the problem, the school nurse will then recheck the student and inform the parents to make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

"If something does go wrong, if they need hearing aids or tubes in their ear, if they get check up, they'll see that so they can hear in class and learn more things," says Karlee Norton, 6th grader.

The ladies of the service league are all certified to conduct these screenings, and money used to buy the equipment was raised from their arts and crafts show in November.