Thanksgiving Air Travel Tips

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Twenty five million people are expected to fly to their Thanksgiving destinations, but some of the not so frequent fliers will find the rules of flight have changed.

The Transportation Security Administration is trying to get the word out that the liquids and gels ban is still in effect. The agency is hoping to prevent any backups at the already very crowded checkpoints.

Under the ban, any liquid, gel or aerosol more than three ounces must be packed in your checked luggage. Otherwise, you'll need to follow the so-called 3-1-1 rule.

Jim Durwin with Tallahassee Regional Airport explained, "Liquids and gels are not allowed, except for those items that are three ounces or less, that fit into a one-quart Ziploc container and one per passenger."

You will be asked to remove your one-quart sized Ziploc bag from your carry-on at the checkpoint.

There are some exceptions to this ban. Medications are allowed and so is baby formula if you're traveling with a small child. However, the TSA says you must declare you have those items which will be subject to additional screening.

Tallahassee Regional is expecting about 20,000 people to fly through this week, so the airlines are advising you arrive at least an hour and half early to make sure you get on your flight.

For a complete list of banned carry-on items, go to: