Demanding a New High School in Tallahassee

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Leon County Commission Chair Bill Proctor says he's collected 9,000 signatures demanding a new high school on Tallahassee's south side.

Proctor is asking the school board to build a new Rickards High by the 2009 school year, with a focus on applied sciences, technology and performing arts. He says he'd like to see more focus on the south side, especially now that Saint Joe is planning to build nearly two thousand homes in the area.

Proctor said, "I want this transformation of the south side to center around educational excellence. I have great children there, great kids, great minds, great spirits and heart, but they haven't been challenged and guided to higher paths of success."

Proctor is proposing the new school be built on the Fairgrounds where Cox Stadium now stands, but it's not up to Proctor to build a new school.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons says a new Rickards High is not on the school planning survey, but the idea is not totally out of the question.

Pons says a new school would cost about $50 million and the school board would have to figure out what to do with the current Rickards High building.