Florida Election Lawsuit

A Florida Democrat is going to court after losing her bid to succeed Katherine Harris in Congress.

State officials certified that Christine Jennings lost to Republican Vern Buchanan by a scant 369 votes in the 13th District Congressional Race.

The state is conducting an audit of Sarasota area voting machines.

Sue Cobb, Florida Secretary of State explains, "We’ll proceed as expeditiously as we can. We definitely intend an open, transparent process. We’re going to be meticulous and methodical and do the best job we can on this."

Democratic Representative Allen Boyd, Jr. of Florida said Monday, "This is all about getting it right for the American people. We ought to be ashamed as supervisors of elections, division of elections heads, and vendors that we can’t get this right for the American people. This is the very cornerstone of our Democracy: a fair election."

The state review is separate from the Jennings dispute about the number of votes cast in Sarasota County and questions about problems at polling places.