NAACP Threatens to Protest Inauguration Over Boot Camp Death Investigation

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The Florida NAACP is threatening to protest Charlie Crist’s inauguration if there is no arrest in the death of Martin Lee Anderson.

The 14-year-old was beaten and suffocated in a state-run boot camp last winter.

Martin Lee Anderson’s parents came to the capitol to meet with members of the Black Legislative Caucus and the NAACP.

They all want to know why Jeb Bush hasn’t kept his promise so far that someone would be held accountable for the 14-year-old’s death before he left office.

Speaking for the family, Senator Frederica Wilson said they’re out of patience. "Someone needs to pay for what has happened to this young man," she said.

Governor Bush turned the investigation into the teen’s beating and suffocation at a state-run boot camp over to Special Prosecutor Mark Ober last spring.

Bush’s office makes weekly calls to Ober for updates, but the boy’s mother, Gina Jones says that’s not enough any more. "He needs to show it, show the world that it’s taking too long. He could have done more than what he’s doing," she says.

The state NAACP is promising a protest at Governor-Elect Charlie Crist’s inauguration January 2nd if nothing has been done by then.

Charles Evans with the NAACP says, "We want him to start off understanding that we’re not going to stop, and we’ll continue to force the issue until some action is taken."

Governor-Elect and Attorney General Charlie Crist had not planned to meet with the Anderson family. His office also tells us he has not decided whether to keep Mark Ober on as special prosecutor.

Martin Lee Anderson’s parents had to leave the capitol again without any new answers.

A spokeswoman for the governor says Jeb Bush shares the frustration of Martin Lee Anderson’s parents. He also wants to see results sooner rather than later.

Crist also released a statement, saying “Martin’s family, as well as the people of Florida, deserve a thorough and complete review of this case. We have confidence that State Attorney Mark Ober will conclude this matter in the near future.”