Downtown Streets Back Open After Gas Leak

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Just as Florida's lawmakers were headed to the Capitol to be sworn in, a gas leak shut down several streets in downtown Tallahassee.

Fire officials say around 5 a.m. Tuesday a concrete pumping truck crushed a gas pipeline on Pensacola Street between Duval and Bronough.

Construction crews say they first smelled the gas and heard a hissing noise, then saw a white gas cloud form in the air. The HAZMAT team says once it got the call, the response was quick.

"There was a large plume of natural gas coming from the area of the outrigger, so we knew we had a significant leak at that time. We isolated the incident, denied entry, made sure we stabilized any potential emission sources and then waited on the gas company to assist us," said Battalion Chief Wes Roberts of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Fire officials closed the Supreme Court, the R.A. Gray building and the Brogan Museum to make sure no one was exposed to the noxious odor. Everyone made it out safely.