New Position Opens at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital: Breast Cancer Patient Navigator

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There are already plans for the money. The funds will be used to hire a Breast Cancer Navigator, the first in the local area. The navigator will work in Leon County and several surrounding counties trying to find out why women are not getting mammograms. Wendy Mathews, the Breast Cancer Patient Navigator, says, "Having people in the community making sure their getting their mammograms and then us navigating them into the right direction to get timely and efficient care." Judy Welch, the Breast Health Coordinator, says, "People who don't have health insurance or they don't have a way to get to the doctor or they don't know what to do if they find a lump. Our navigator will be out their helping that to be a smooth process for them." The navigator will work with a team consisting of another nurse who specializes in helping newly diagnosed breast cancer patients become more educated about what they need to do.