New Homeland Security Equipment

Leon County now has a truck in its garage that's ready to roll in the event of bomb threats near the Capitol or anywhere else in the Big Bend.

A grant from Homeland Security has allowed the Leon County Sheriff's Office to buy a $300,000 dollar mobile command center and accompanying robot.

It will be used not only in the event of a terror strike or catastrophe, but for bomb scares and suspect standoffs in the area.

"It adds a real piece of equipment that's needed in the capital city of every state because capital cities draw people who are unhappy," said Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, “People that may send something that would be explosive or would be some type of chemical or biological threat to us."

"Not only will this piece of equipment serve the Big Bend area, but in a large scale incident, it could be deployed to anywhere in the state," said FLDE Special Agent in Charge, Tom McInerny.

Leon County's Hazardous Devices Team has responded to more than 60 calls in the past three years, disarming everything from suspicious devices to military grenades and artillery.