Leon County's New Leaders

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Leon County Commissioners Cliff Thaell, Bill Proctor and Bob Rackleff kept their seats this year. All took the oath of office for another four years on Tuesday night, and then there are the new faces of the Leon County Commission, District 3 John Dailey and District 4’s Bryan Desloge.

Ed Depuy, the newly elected county chairman, said, "I think tonight was a start in the right direction of getting on with the people's business instead of the petty bickering and the back biting we've all been involved in in the past, and just truly being about the people's business."

Depuy challenged his fellow commissioners on the economy and health care. With the failure of the half-cent sales tax for health care, Depuy asked Commissioner Desloge to get to work with the health care and business community and bring back other possible solutions.

Desloge said, "I'm ready to get to work. I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm excited about the challenge."

Depuy also turned to Commissioner Dailey, asking him to lead the way on environmental, lake and transportation issues.

Dailey said, "I look forward to stepping up to the plate and doing what I can do jump in head first and do the right thing for the citizens of Leon County."

Leon County's new commission will decide in a few weeks exactly where their priorities will fall for the next year during the annual retreat. All said they're ready to get to work for the people of Leon County.

The county's annual report was also released on Tuesday. Some of accomplishments Chairman Depuy said he's most proud of are the approval of Fallschase, the development stuck in litigation for decades, cutting property taxes and working toward a joint dispatch.