Grades on the Super Highway


We have some good news for parents Thursday whose children may not always divulge how they did on that recent pop quiz. Tracking student progress has just gone worldwide. Parents at Deerlake Middle School can now access their child's grades without making a trip to school.

6th grader Courtney Atkinson has a new motivator for keeping her grades up her mom now can download all of her scores. Deerlake Middle School is now making student grades available on the information super highway. With just a click of the mouse, parents like Debbie Rybczyk can check the progress of their pupils.

Parents aren't the only ones logging on 8th grader Macklin Bradford keeps a close eye on his own grades. More than half of Deerlake's teachers are signed onto the World Wide Web; it's a virtual grade book. That opens the door of communication between parents and teachers.

"Cuts down on a lot of parents wondering how did their child fall behind, allows parents to keep closer tabs on students," says Missy Atkinson, a teacher at Deerlake.

Educators hope this new software will have students studying harder. Deerlake Middle School plans to have all teachers using the web grade by January.