No Leads in Kidnapping Attempt

The search is still on for a man who tried to kidnap a girl from a Tallahassee elementary school.

The brazen hallway grab stunned parents and teachers.

Now, deputies are upping patrols in the neighborhood in hopes of spotting the man with the amber glasses.

Folks who live near Ruediger Elementary can't believe someone would be so bold as to try to snatch a student right out of a school hallway.

"It's scary that somebody would actually go onto the school grounds and try to grab a girl, that's just shocking,” says Patrick Kelley. He lives near Ruediger Elementary and has two children who went to school there.

We met Marlow Matherne as he and his daughters walked home from a nearby park. "It's pretty scary, but I have lived in this neighborhood for a long time and it's a pretty safe neighborhood as far as I'm concerned," he said.

Deputies have increased patrols in the neighborhoods in and around Tharpe Street and Martin Luther King in hopes of spotting the suspect. They have also knocked on the doors of more than a dozen of sex offenders who live near the school.

"We have attempted to contact all the offenders and predators within a two mile radius of the school," said LCSO Captain Rob Swearingen. However, he said deputies did not discover anything on those rounds that would link them to the abduction attempt.

Deputies say the teacher, who thwarted the kidnapping, will help them craft a composite sketch once school resumes on Monday. For now, the description of a black man in his 20's with amber tinted glasses is the best they've got.

If you have any information on that man, who he might be, where he might be, you are asked to call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 850-922-3300.