Family Sends Gift Boxes to Iraq

Christmas may be coming a little early for Tallahassee soldiers in Iraq.

The family of recently slain Marine Daniel Chaires wheeled a cart with 45 gift boxes into the post office Wednesday morning.

The boxes, with everything from magazines to toothbrushes, are bound for Anbar Province, Iraq where members of Daniel's company are still fighting.

"We've got pictures that kids from Chaires Elementary School drew and just little things from home, messages from Tallahassee just letting them know we're thinking about them. I think they're going to really like them when they open them," said Daniel's sister Hannah.

The Chaires family has been overwhelmed with donations for the gift boxes and when Ava O'Hollearn heard about it, she agreed to pay all the postage. The family intends to send regular shipments until Echo Company comes home in April.