New Era for FSU's Renegade

This weekend's big FSU-Florida game will start, as usual, with Renegade and Chief Osceola taking the field, but it will be the last time the man who created the tradition will take the field with them.

Bill Durham confirms he is calling it quits after 30 years of supplying Apaloosa horses and training the various chiefs to ride bareback with spear in hand.

"We feel very, very strongly that Bill is probably right up there with Bobby Bowden as one of the people who has made tradition very, very important at FSU," says Vice President of University Relations Lee Hinkle. “While we'll be very, very sad to see him leave, we're happy that he and his family have decided to carry on the tradition."

Hinkle says starting next fall, Durham's son will take the reigns of Renegade.

We spoke with Bill Durham by phone. He's out of town for Thanksgiving, but he says it was "just time" after 30 years with an unpaid job.

His last game alongside Renegade is Saturday.