Stores Prepare for Black Friday

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Nearly 140 million people are expected to stampede stores chasing Black Friday sales.

"It will be lines around buildings everywhere you go in town. And once we get the doors open it becomes a fun time for the employees in the store. Cause they get to see a lot of people just doing a lot of shopping," said Wade Mike, Customer Experience Manager at Best Buy.

Some consumers elected to use the day before Thanksgiving to prepare for the after Thanksgiving sales bonanza, but not all shoppers bought into the hype.

"We're just kind of browsing around trying to get ideas. We're not actually going to purchase anything until Friday to see what the ads bring out," said David Copa, a consumer who shops on Black Friday.

"I've actually never shopped on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I've heard its terribly crowded and sometimes a horrible waste of time," added Steve Hull, a consumer who does not shop on Black Friday.

According to the National Retail Federation, half of the top ten toys heading the holiday wish list are electronics. Despite the perceptions of long lines and hustle shopping. Mastercard Worldwide reported Black Friday was not one of the top five busiest shopping days of the year. The busiest day was December 23rd.