Area of Critical State Concern?

The Apalachicola Bay area dodged a bullet that residents feared would further injure what they consider an already battered economy.

The Florida Department of Community Affairs made a recommendation that Apalachicola no longer be designated as an area of critical state concern, stating the town no longer needs financial protection.

A DCA spokesperson says after talking to constituents and elected officials, it is recanting its recommendation.

The change would have meant fewer state funds.

Gayle Smith, an Apalachicola resident, said, "The main thing is on the seafood industry. That's the main part we'd lose, not protecting the bay. You have to have protection out there. We've done it on our own over the years. People who live here make their living in the seafood industry."

So Apalachicola keeps its status, but the issue will most likely be reevaluated and readdressed next year.