Downtown Shopping in Thomasville

By Kate Gaier
2:45 pm November 23, 2006

Thomasville shops are doing everything they can to get ready just in the nick of time. As more shoppers head out looking for a big sale, stores are preparing for one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Susan Myers works at Kathy's downtown and said, "Sometimes it's very hectic. We have a lot of people in the store at one time and it's just wonderful. We enjoy it!"

Thomasville may not have the malls to offer holiday shoppers, but the city prides itself on its specialty downtown shops.

Ginger Funderburk, the owner of Sirens downtown, said, "I think nowadays people are kind of nostalgic and they like that old feeling, that old building. They like to be able to walk outside and smell fresh air."

While shoppers are taking in a little fresh air, employees at one shoe store are cleaning shop, hoping to have everything in order for the day after Thanksgiving.

"Every year is very different, but usually the day after Thanksgiving is one of our busiest days. We sell a lot of shoes, people getting ready for Christmas, just looking for good sales that day," commented Myers.

Some retailers call it black Friday, others call it green Friday for the abundance of money pulled in. Something that is certain is it will be one busy shopping day. Many of the downtown shops are extending their hours, beginning this Friday until the end of the holiday season.