Feeding Hungry Mouths

By Kate Gaier
2:45 pm November 23, 2006

This is the second year "The Word Doers" of Thomasville are hosting a community Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year nearly 200 mouths were fed thanks to donations from within the community, and this year organizers are prepared to serve 500 meals.

Mark Engelmann is helping serve meals and said, "The turnout was good last year, and the people. We found that the workers really wanted to give back to the community and it's something that we found wasn't really being done anywhere else in town."

Vantez Gordon, a young boy enjoying his Thanksgiving meal, shared, "I'm thankful for the Indians the Pilgrims, God, my mother and my whole family."

And thankful for a turkey day meal with all the trimmings! Some people traveled from outside of Thomas County to help serve hot meals and make a few new friends.