Ole Times Country Buffet Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner

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Tallahassee's Ole Times Country Buffet feeds hundreds of folks every Thanksgiving.

This year's event was even more successful than in years past, with almost 1,200 people showing up.

"This event has just escalated over the years. We added every year, but it's just so wonderful. It brings so many people from the community," said Vickie Goodman, the organizer.

Organizers couldn't have predicted this year's turnout.

"Oh my goodness, we started at turkey, and we had turkey for that, then we had some ham, so we pulled out the ham," said Goodman.

And they didn't stop with the ham.

"Then we went to meat loaf. I don't know if you have ever had meat loaf for Thanksgiving, but we had meat loaf, and we finally ended up with some mac and cheese," said Goodman.

It was such a success the pans were scraped clean two hours into the four-hour event.

Organizers said full stomachs and happy hearts are what this event is all about.